To those whom much has been given, much shall be required

To those whom much has been given, much shall be required

Written by WAO TEAM

Represented by Brian, Mike, Lydiah, Mercy & Cedric

Sunday marked the beginning of a wonderful friendship and partnership between HHFL’s WAO team together with the kids and few individuals from M-Kopa Solar, where two of HHFL’s beneficiaries; Faith and Sharon are employed.

Ruth, the leader of the M-Kopa group accompanied by Mr. Kennedy Miruka; a long time WAO friend together with six others joined us on Sunday, 5th July. Normally, the first Sunday of the month is set aside for the WAO meeting where all post-secondary graduates come together to discuss matters of the club and also to plan a way forward with regards to how we can help Lucy and Isaiah organize the small kids in whichever activity they are doing.

On Sunday, Ruth and her group from M-Kopa joined us for the meeting which actually turned out to be a Fun-Day of some sort! Instead of holding the meeting exclusively as WAO members, the small kids; from primary and high school had to be involved too, and so we had to make the meeting interesting.








We started off with a general meeting with everyone congregated in the dining hall. At this point, the M-Kopa team introduced themselves and explained to us the purpose of their visit. Kennedy who was visiting HHFL for the third time expressed his passion for HHFL and his need to mentor WAO members through their initiative – to give back to society. Being an alumni of the Starehe Boys Center (just like our Computer guru, Isaiah), he is determined to make the world a better place and he seeks to do that by motivating others to not give up no matter the circumstance they are in. To that effect he adds, “To those whom much has been given, much shall be required.”

Starehe Center has a similar initiative as WAO; an association of alumnus who come together to give back to the organization. Being the Secretary of the association for quite some time now, he was already acquainted with how such an initiative is run and how to counter challenges that affect them. He advised WAO to make commitment a key factor; because with dedication success is achieved.

Kennedy introduced us to three other initiatives/organizations; The Bloom Band Africa, The Big Brother Society and the Kenya Tchoukball Federation whose aims are to empower the society through music & performance arts, though mentorship & motivation and through sports and ball games respectively. He has been a member of these initiatives for a while now and gave WAO members an opportunity to freely join these organizations to be able to learn skills that they will later on use in life and who knows, the impact could change someone’s life! Good news is that we already have some interested parties looking into registering into these initiatives! To those we say, GO! GO! The sky is not the limit, but just a stepping stone to greatness!

Before the day ended of course we had to show our guests how we celebrate visitors at HHFL – the African way! Faith called everyone to a parade where we played all kinds of singing games. The kids were overjoyed to have a new basketball, among other stuff donated by the M-Kopa group. The better part of the afternoon was spent in the field with all of us making new friends and exchanging contacts because we are sure of long-lasting friendships from this occasion!








With these new friends we are assured of continuous mentorship and motivation, not only for WAO but also for the small kids at HHFL; who will be lucky to have someone from either of the three organizations visiting weekly or monthly for the same purpose.

We want to thank Ruth and her group from M-Kopa, and especially Kennedy for bringing together people who are ready to make an impact in other people’s lives and to stay happy while doing it.   We hope to learn, grow and develop skills that will indeed help us make the world a better place.

Asante sana to you!

The HHFL youth are fortunate to have some great role models in their lives. Be their inspiration and help them discover new skills and passion. Learn more here.


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