Our Kenyan Family Lunch at HHFL

Our Kenyan Family Lunch at HHFL

Written by Ted Horton,LLB – Co-founder and Chairman of HHF

“Mama Hanna and I spent an enjoyable few hours over the weekend not only with some of our own family but also in the company of about 20+ members of our HHFL family. Some of them have been in our lives since 2005. It was a time to reflect and to celebrate. Each of their journeys is unique. What isn’t unique is that each of their lives has been irrevocably changed by the opportunity of a good education coupled with the love and attention that our Project has provided to so many over the years. There is no question that Kenyan life is still very hard for many of them, and we continue to challenge each of them to stay focused and committed to succeed using their skills and talents in the best and smartest ways possible. 

Our alums who have established careers are wonderful role models for their younger brothers and sisters.  With 56 kids still enrolled in the Project ( 25 in Secondary school, 5 Secondary graduates from the class of 2023 preparing for their post Secondary education and 26 who are enrolled in colleges and universities) there is still lots of work to do. Occasions like this reaffirm the special effects and rewards of our collective journey.” 

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