Post-Secondary Education

Post-Secondary Education

HHFL’s well prepared post-secondary and vocational
students must gain market-relevant skills so they can
compete for jobs and achieve self-reliance.

The Problem

The chances of a poor child reaching post-secondary education in Kenya are next to none.

Post-secondary education is a far fetched dream for children from poorer households. University and college is simply not an option for slum kids in a country where only 2% of its youth are privileged enough to attend post-secondary education.

Vocational training for a specific trade skill, while more affordable, is also unrealistic for most vulnerable children. Furthermore, there are countless technical schools in Kenya that are not accredited and poorly run.

There is also a significant discrepancy in the quality of education of vocational centers. The average poor Kenyan is not properly educated on the options and does not have the social connections to help them distinguish between the good and bad schools. This can often lead the disadvantaged families and youth to make poor investment choices leading to even greater vulnerability and destitution.

Our Approach

By committing to and supporting quality education throughout primary and secondary school, the HHFL children are given a golden opportunity to turn their dreams of post-secondary education into reality.

We believe that our job is not done until the youth cross the finish line – that is, become sufficiently marketable, secure a good job within a chosen career and achieve self-reliance.

Quality post-secondary education and ongoing skills and career training gives the HHFL youth the chance to gain the market-relevant skills they need to be able to compete confidently, on the same playing field, with Kenya’s more affluent youth.

Post-secondary education is a significant phase for HHF because roughly a third of the HHFL children have reached that level! They have worked hard and achieved the final grades they need, at good schools, to be acknowledged by and accepted into accredited, reputable public and private institutions such as Strathmore University and Don Bosco Technical Training Center.

We offer career guidance and training support to help determine the appropriate path for each HHFL youth, depending on their ability and interests. We help select those who are University/College candidates and those who are better off gaining a trade skill at vocational schools whereby they can enter the work force sooner.

HHFL’s James Okwemba is studying
Hotel Management at Strathmore University

Financial contributions by caring people like you are critical to ensuring that the HHFL students can cross the finish line!

Give what you can.

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