We provide healthy and balanced daily meals to help
reverse the devastating effects of child malnutrition. 


All slum children, including those from Lenana, suffer from malnutrition in one form or another. Lack of a proper and balanced diet leads to a weak immune system placing these disadvantaged children at great risk. HIV and TB infected kids suffer the worst consequences. Rickets and teeth problems are also prevalent.

Since 2006, HHFL has been providing the children with healthy and balanced daily meals at HHFL to help reverse the devastating effects of malnutrition and improve brain development.  Performance in all areas has improved dramatically as a result of this consistent and worthwhile effort.

All the meals are prepared in the HHFL kitchen by our loving and dedicated cook, Mama Margaret and her assistant, John. She is supported daily by a group of parents and community volunteers. The children sit and eat in the dining room following a deeply meaningful prayer of thanks.

Breakfast is served before the primary school children leave for school and consists of a hot cup of Insta porridge. This is a Kenyan-based pre-cooked soya based mixture that is enhanced with essential proteins, mineral and vitamins. The children are provided with lunch at school.

Dinner consists of a hot meal in a cup enhanced with fruit or bread with jam or peanut butter.

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