School Holiday Program

The School Holiday Program gives the HHFL kids a chance
to unwind from their school term while focusing on
skills development outside of the school environment.


HHFL’s School Holiday Program always has a joyous vibe and takes place three times a year at HHFL – April, August and December.

In an effort to keep the children safe, engaged and off the streets while they are out of school, all HHFL students are expected to return to the compound in Lenana to participate in a range of daily activities that combine fun, learning, career counselling and skills training.

The activities are organized by the HHFL project team and are led by either HHFL youth or caring community volunteers. The activities typically revolve around the things the children love most – sports, music, dance, arts, computer and exploring nature.

Career counselling workshops with a focus on self-reflection, research and presentation skills have been introduced to help prepare and position the high school students for post-secondary success.

The holiday breaks also provide an opportunity to connect with the children and ensure that any personal issues are being addressed. All the HHFL children and youth are given daily meals during the break.

Here is a video clip of a holiday sporting favorite – sack race!


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