We are a charitable organization on a mission to
empower and transform young vulnerable lives in Kenya.


Hanne Howard Fund (HHF) is a hands-on, family oriented grassroots charity that was founded in 2006 by two Canadians, Hanne Howard and her husband, Ted Horton. 

We exclusively fund and work directly with Hanne Howard Fund/Lenana (HHFL), a Kenyan community-based organization that Hanne and Ted established in Lenana slum, Nairobi, in 2007. HHFL has its own trusted Board of Directors and a local management team who were once disenfranchised youth.  

Since 2006, Hanne and Ted spend up to six months every year in Nairobi working directly with the HHFL team and children.

Together, we are on a mission to achieve self-reliance for 115 orphaned and vulnerable slum children and youth through education, care and training. So far, 21 HHFL children have transformed their lives and are gainfully employed today! 

Between 2006 and 2008, Hanne and Ted personally rescued over a hundred orphaned and vulnerable children from dangers of life on the streets where malnutrition, TB and high risk HIV transmission are highly prevalent. 

Education is our number one priority because we believe that the prospects for a promising future are linked to great education. We send every HHFL child to quality schools and strive to lay a solid academic foundation that will lead to gaining marketable skills and sustained employment.

A strong body and mind requires a combination of love, good nutrition, medical care, recreation and training such as hard skills like computers and soft skills like discipline, respect and teamwork.

We believe that when you combine all of these ingredients with goal setting and good old fashioned hard work, the odds point to self-reliance. This is our ultimate measure of success.

Our track record is proving that this integrated approach to care giving coupled with strict fiscal management is truly transforming the lives of the HHFL children and youth.

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