Secondary Education

Secondary Education

HHFL’s secondary school children are better prepared
academically ensuring continued quality education.

The Problem

Secondary school education in Kenya is run by the government. It is very expensive and competition for placements in top tier schools is fierce. Children are invited to attend government-run secondary schools based on a grading system. The great majority are boarding schools.

Poorer households cannot afford the tuition fees and associated costs of secondary school such as buying mattresses and living supplies. Girls are particularly vulnerable and are not given educational priority drastically reducing their chances of attending secondary school.

According to the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics, the primary to secondary school transition rate was 18% in 2011. This statistic confirms the minuscule chance Kenya’s vulnerable children have to become properly educated.

Our Approach

Since the HHFL children attend private primary school and develop a solid academic base in their formative years, many are invited to attend reputable, first-tier secondary schools that yield good returns and position them well for acceptance into quality post-secondary schools.

Through the support of our child sponsors, we are able to send the HHFL students with good grades to quality secondary boarding schools. Furthermore, roughly 50% of HHFL secondary school students are girls with an average B grade!

However, if a child is not invited to attend a good secondary school, we often choose to send them directly to vocational school where they can gain a marketable trade skill and secure a job sooner. Not all the HHFL children are academically minded and we are careful to help choose the appropriate path for each child.

All HHFL secondary students return to the compound on their school holidays, three months a year, to participate in the School Holiday Program that includes a range of recreation and training programs to help boost self-confidence, self-esteem, build life skills and enhance academic readiness. The students attend on-site computer, language and art classes, to name a few. We also encourage the students to help lead the various activities for their younger peers to encourage volunteerism and develop leadership and mentorship skills.

Child sponsorships are critical to ensuring that we can sustain quality secondary school education and supportive care for the HHFL students. The children depend on the support of caring individuals like you. Please consider Sponsoring a Child today!

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