International Women’s Day Dinner

International Women’s Day Dinner

Written by Mary Wairimu – HHFL Alumnus

On international women’s day that was on Friday of 8th March 2024, Jennifer invited us(HHFL’S project manager Lucy Njeri, HHFL Alumni including Mercy Kangwato, Alice Kangwato , Sharon Akinyi and Lydia Gachanja and I) to a special ladies’ diner. It was held at The Karen Country Club from 7pm till 11:30pm. Jennifer, the founder and CEO of Female Fusion Network, has been a friend and supporter of HHFL for close to twenty years, and we have lots of stories about our encounter with her. During the dinner, she engaged us in interactive and uplifting activities that made us get to know each other better and feel inspired. The networking allowed us to share different ideas relevant to our different career paths. 

Through the networking on Friday night’s dinner, Jenifer took interest in my career path in Media and production. She then set up a meeting on Sunday evening same week where I was to meet one of her friends called Reim, who is a producer from Dubai. 

On Sunday of 10th March, Lucy and Lydia escorted me to the meeting with Reim and her friends at Karen countryclub. The meeting started at 6:30pm to 7:30pm. I interacted with Reim & Deborah Owens and got to be inspired by their journeys in their career paths in production.

I got to understand more about hacks in Television production such as incorporating Artificial Intelligence in video editing, scripting and the entire production process. Reim and I also discussed on the possibility of me joining her media/production team at her TV station in Dubai. We exchanged contacts with Deborah and Reim to discuss further on that new possibility. I really enjoyed networking with Reim and Deborah whilst listening in through their career advice and general life advice.

Lucy and Lydia also networked with Reim’s friends and discussed relevant topics related to their career paths. It was a delightful night radiating women empowerment and I absolutely loved it.

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