Our Impact and Key Facts

We measure our impact by achieving self-reliance
for the 
vulnerable children we help.
Everything we do supports this mission.

Total number of HHFL children: 115

– Children who are orphans: 70
– Children living with grandmothers or extended family: 30
– Children living with single mothers: 46
– Children living with single fathers: 13
– Children living with both parents: 5
– Children living at HHFL: 26
– Children with HIV+: 5
– Children who are intellectually challenged: 1

Number of children who have been with HHFL since 2006: 90

Number of gainfully employed HHFL youth since 2006: 37

Their professionals, among others include: Beautician, IT Specialists, Car Mechanic, Welder, Fitness Trainer, Canvas Tent Tailor, Accountant, Bank Clerk, Legal Assistant, Call Centre Representative, Faculty Assistant, Waiter/Waitress, Barista.

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Areas of Focus:

1. Education: Primary, Secondary and Post-secondary
2. Nutrition
3. Heath Care
4. Recreation and Training

2019 Education Summary: 

Number of primary school students: 21
Number of high school students: 35
Number of post-secondary students: 7

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