Fundraise in Your Community

Fundraise in Your Community

Pictured above: 11-year-old Lilley Salmon from Switzerland raised funds through her scouts group and came to visit HHFL! 

What can I support?
The money you raise in your community can support any HHF campaign:
♦  Sponsor a Child
Wanafunzi Dream Team for post-secondary education
♦  General Fund (education, food, healthcare, programs)
Gifts of Education

Co-host HHF’s “It Takes a Village” event in your neighbourhood

Our event series called “Kenya’s Children: It Takes a Village” is a powerful way to build awareness of HHF and raise funds for our campaigns. We team up with supporters who take the lead in organizing a small event in their own neighbourhoods. You’ll get a chance to connect more profoundly with our cause, while inspiring all your friends into action. If you are a born event planner and love throwing parties for a good cause, drop us a line and we’d be happy to provide more information about how it all works. We’d be thrilled to team up with you to bring “It Takes a Village” to your neighbourhood!


Commemorate special occasions in a meaningful way

To celebrate your birthday, wedding, Bar and Batmitzvah, baby showers, new births or anniversary, ask friends and family to donate to Hanne Howard Fund instead of giving presents. For your next birthday, ask your friends and family to donate your age in dollars! Celebrate a special day of yours or that of a loved one in a way that matters! __________________________________________________________________________

Host a luncheon with friends

A luncheon with friends is a terrific way to spread the word and help raise funds, particularly for our Sponsor a Child campaign. Invite your caring friends and if you live in the Toronto/Ottawa or Montreal corridor, we’d love to come and tell our story!  You can also use this as an opportunity to sell our collection of gift cards.

Host a garage or street sale

Do you have a garage or street sale coming up?  Why not suggest donating the proceeds to HHF! Everyone loves supporting a good cause. You’d be amazed how much you can raise through a little fall or spring cleaning!  ___________________________________________________________________________

Raise funds through a sporting event

Sporting events are a great way to raise money. Are you training for a marathon, swim challenge, or other sporting event? Why not use the opportunity to raise funds for HHF! Get in touch with us and we’ll provide all the necessary information and fundraising platforms you will need to inspire your family and friends to give in honour of your hard work! ___________________________________________________________________________

Organize a club challenge

Do you belong to a Scouts or Cub Group that participates in fundraising activities? Organize a fun challenge for HHF with a goal to raise enough money to sponsor a child for the Club! ___________________________________________________________________________

Host a third-party event

Further your fund and awareness raising efforts by hosting a third-party event in support of Hanne Howard Fund. Think outside of the box when planning: why not host a tournament, a birthday event or a concert? Get in touch and we can inspire you with new ideas and support your efforts!

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