Education is our top priority as the primary means to
achieve self-reliance and break the cycle of poverty.

Thousands of children do not attend school in Africa because their parents or guardians cannot afford the school fees, uniforms or supplies. The educational system in Kenya is demanding and very competitive. Those who are given educational opportunities must work very hard to be rewarded by the system.

Furthermore, the educational system does not generally encourage independent or creative thinking nor does it support the students to make informed decisions with respect to their education and future.

All HHFL children and youth attend school and are supported by HHF until they achieve self-reliance.

<strong>Education Summary for 2017</strong>

Primary school students: 38
Secondary school students: 22
Post secondary students: 14

Core Education Focus
elizabeth and janet
Secondary School
NAC shirts
All HHFL primary school children attend a private day school that lays a solid academic foundation with a higher level of personalized attention and lower student-to- teacher ratios.
The successful transition from private primary school means that HHFL students are often invited to attend quality government secondary schools to better prepare them for post-secondary education.
A strong academic foundation positions the HHFL students well for acceptance into reputable post-secondary institutions and technical training centers as the last crucial step in securing employable skills and entering the workforce.  
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