“Parental Blessings – Lydiah’s Family Event”

“Parental Blessings – Lydiah’s Family Event”

Written by Ted Horton, HHFL Co-founder

Lydia invited Hanne and I to a “parental blessing” on Saturday afternoon at the home of Mama Margaret (her adoptive mother and our retired house mother/cook for 14 yrs at the Project).

Esther, Alice and Faith now all mums in their own right and Lydia’s project sisters joined in the celebration.

Lydia’s lady’s group the Diamond Divas (in uniform) celebrate these blessings at the homes of their respective parents and today it was Mama Margaret‘s turn to be honoured —prayers, speeches, presents for mama Margaret and us with some lively music and a catered lunch for 60.

The occasion was luckily almost completed before a torrential downpour. We laughed and reminisced with our girls on the way home. Priceless memories. Hugs all round

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