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[column size=”1″]2020: A Pandemic Year in Review

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In the year of COVID-19 we are proud to be able to report to you that 2020 was not a total watershed for us! Thanks to the amazing ongoing support and care of our donors, we have been able to navigate the challenges that 2020 and the pandemic has thrown our way – from staying healthy to avoiding evictions and police violence to feeding the whole HHFL community to supporting distance education. [/quote] [button link=”https://hannehowardfund.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/HHF2020YearInReview.pdf” target=”_blank” color=”#b00″ size=”5″ style=”2″ dark=”0″ square=”1″]  Read our 2020 Pandemic Year in Review[/button] [/column] [column size=”1-2″] [heading size=”15″] HHF Media Package [/heading]

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[/column] [column size=”1-2″ last=”1″] An Unexpected Family
Documentary directed by Riyad Barmania
For more information, please contact Riyad at riyadbar@hotmail.com.

CBC The National – “Changing Lives in Kenya”, April 2, 2010