Another Letter from Mary Wairimu

Another Letter from Mary Wairimu

-an alumnus of HHF-L

I am back again, and in case you missed reading the previous letter I wrote last year, please see it here at this link:

My name is Mary Wairimu Wasike, a beneficiary at the Hanne Howard Fund (HHFL). I owe it to all of you donors that I am now in my fourth year pursuing a course in Journalism and media studies at Moi university. Well, I am pretty much in love with the course and I am excited to make my career out of it.

Recently, this year in June, I expanded my journalistic horizon and took part in a 3-month internship at a local television station called, LookUp TV. In April I had applied for the media council of Kenya internship and luckily I was among the 150 students selected across the country from different national universities. At the TV station I earned a lot of skills in relation to my media career, this included: news scripting, field reporting, graphics and video editing not forgetting news voicing and reporting. The experience was exhilarating! I was able to meet media personalities while reporting and I also built my portfolio because the news stories I was assigned at the TV station were aired in the news bulletins. Here are some of the links to some of the stories I worked on during the internship.

In the above piece, I reported concerning murder of a national election official this year
This a Swahili feature about a family seeking justice for a deceased kin due to road accident

Apart from expanding my journalism career I have also continued with my writing. The science fiction
novel I have been working on is almost complete, with 5 new captivating chapters soon enough I hope
to publish the novel and sell as money copies as I can but till then you can read the online version of the novel which is available in my blog @

At school, I am in my 4th year and I am progressing on nicely. I am pretty excited to graduate next year. This semester, I am particularly thrilled on a project we are working on at school. We are creating a documentary from scratch and then it will be graded. My group members and I have just commenced on creation of the documentary and I am loving every step of the creation. Once it is finished, I will send a link – hoping you will love it. I am also working on writing gigs where I write articles, assignments and get paid depending on the length of the articles. I use the earnings from it for my daily expenses and help my mother where I can.

 I really appreciate all your support and i will update you from time to Time. May you stay safe and be blessed.


Mary Wairimu

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