The Best Internship Ever!

The Best Internship Ever!

Written by Carolyne Wangare

I just finished my 3 month internship at Amboseli Sentrim Lodge and I am super happy to report how it went!  It was simply the best internship ever!

The lodge is located at Amboseli National Park. The Park is among the largest parks in Kenya which extends up to Mt. Kilimanjaro.  This Park in particular is home to a wild array of wildlife and it has the best view of Mt. Kilimanjaro, a major tourist attraction in Kenya.

My internship allowed me to be involved in all the practical areas of the lodge which includes; the front office, the gift shop, the bar and restaurant services, food production, and finally housekeeping and laundry services.

I started with the Front Office Department which was very challenging yet motivating because I was dealing with real clients.   Here, I learnt about bookings and reservations.  I also acted as a liaison for other Sentrim lodges and tourism companies.  Most importantly, through this work I was able to build my self-confidence and now understand the importance of being able to relate with people of all different races and cultures.

Next I was off to the gift shop!  The gift shop taught me about sales.  I took care of orders and received goods from various suppliers.  I learned the ‘ins and outs’ of what it takes to maintain a store.  This was by far my favorite area of training.  I enjoyed it to the fullest!

Housekeeping and the Laundry Services was my second best area. I loved this unit the moment I was introduced to it at school. Housekeeping includes decorating the rooms and setting the right ambiance that is suitable for the guests.  The laundry services taught me the basics about linens and making sure to provide the utmost quality for clients.

The Restaurant Service area was cool too.  Since I had done some practical training at school it wasn’t that hard.  Here, I took care of all the small details that make a big difference in a restaurant.  I set the tables, folded napkins, took orders, and served customers.  Behind the bar, I got the opportunity to learn how to make alcoholic and non alcoholic cocktails (something that is very new to me!).

Lastly, in the Kitchen (also known as the Food Production area), I attended the pastry and the saucer sections.  I rolled up my sleeves and got right to work!  I made salads and prepared stews.   The best part of my time here was that since I was a part of the pastry section I had the chance to bake and ice cakes!

This 3 months experience has been incredibly helpful and I am grateful to have worked with such wonderful staff which taught me so much.  The experience has really made a difference for me and I thank the Amboseli Sentrim Community for making it happen!

When my last semester of College came to an end, I emerged as the second best student in my course.  I am very excited and proud because all the hard work that I have put in during the last 9 months has finally paid off!  I had no idea I could come this far.  I did it!

I thank the HHFL community and the all the donors for helping me reach my goals and fulfilling my dreams.  You have always encouraged me and helped keep pushing me forward whenever I felt left behind.  For that, I thank-you.



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