Road to Success

Road to Success


We are so happy to let people know of our achievements this far. First we have to thank HHF for the support they have given us and to the HHFL family. Looking back, we have been able to achieve a lot.

We had great experience during our internship at Jas Cruisers Limited which lasted from January to April of this year. The internship is a requirement for us to complete our grade II course and originally, we could not find a suitable place to intern. Luckily, Baba Ted organized for us to work there because of his good friendship with the owner of the garage. It is a big garage some kilometers away from the project that deals with different types of motor vehicles. It was a wonderful opportunity to meet and work with the experts in the mechanical systems.

We were able to apply the knowledge and skills gained in class during our course work at school and to execute duties given to us for the attachment period. We had chance to work on engines of different models, old and new.  Some of the makes that we worked on included BMW, Land Rover, Range Rover, Mercedez Benz, Morgan, Land Cruiser, Volks and others.

Another interesting skill we applied was wiring, servicing the engine parts like the gear box.

“I found the wiring part a bit complicated. I had to be very careful when handling it. The staff there was helpful anytime I needed them.” James

“I enjoyed computerized car repairs and the repair of the gear box on my part.” Francis

“I liked the welding part so much. The staff there is very serious and I had to be serious too. ” Paul

We can not thank Baba Ted enough for all he did to get us there and not to mention jas for providing the us with a wonderful opportunity to gain valuable work experience.

At the end of June, we had a big graduation event at the technical institute where we have been studying. It was attended by a lot of people including leaders from the ministry, our parents, guardians and others.  We were graduating level III in motor vehicle mechanics which we had completed earlier. We were very happy to graduate and teacher Isaiah came as a parent. It was colorful event and we will remember it for the rest of our lives.  There are a total of three levels in this course and we will be finishing level I in December after which we can get jobs to further our education and meet our needs. The final graduation will be held next year and we are studying hard to get those high grades.

We feel confident enough to stand and strongly and compete with the rest of the world.

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