Our Wanafunzis Pay It Forward…

Our Wanafunzis Pay It Forward…

Who would have thought that when Mama Hanne and Baba Ted started this project 9 years ago with a group of starving children, the same children would now be securing jobs and contributing to the education costs of their younger HHFL brothers and sisters?

NOT US!!! But we would not be more proud. Talk about paying it forward!

In case you have missed all the new and past activity, here is a summary of our high fliers who are earning and commit to putting aside a portion of their small earnings in an envelope each month to support the education costs of their younger HHFL brothers and sisters:

    • Last week, five high school students and members of 2014’s Wanafunzi Dream Team (Hillary Kiendi, Paul Sane Mbuyi, Faith Wanja, Sharon Akinyi and Moses Kamau) attended interviews for a full-time customer care position at a Nairobi-based solar power company called M-Kopa. 43 candidates were selected to be interviewed out of a pool of hundreds of applicants, the majority being University and College graduates hungry for a job. The interview process ran from 9am-6pm and consisted of a group-based interview and individual interview. Swahili and English language skills were aggressively tested as well as the general capability and attitude of the candidates. 15 candidates were selected for the job on the spot, which included Faith and Sharon! We are so proud of all five interviewees but especially, both girls! What an amazing testament to the progress we are making together – to be able to compete with post-secondary youth at the high school level is quite a feat! Faith will work at M-Kopa while completing her high school diploma and Sharon dreams of pursuing Accounting at Strathmore University in the evenings while working at M-Kopa.
    • Albanus Mbuvi, a high school graduate and member of the 2014 Wanafunzi Dream Team is working as a full-time barista at Nairobi Java House. He secured this job by persisting with his online application.
    • Sharon Jerotich, a high school graduate and member of the 2014 Wanafunzi Dream Team secured a job on her own working as a waitress at a restaurant.
    • Paul Sane Mbuyi and Yvonne Awour, two high school graduates and members of the 2014 Wanafunzi Dream Team secured part-time teaching jobs at schools on their own.
    • John Mutahi is working as a part-time barista at Nairobi Java House while he completes his degree in Art and Design at Polytechnic University. He secured this job on his own.
    • Carolyne Wangare is working part-time at a restaurant while she pursues her Diploma in Hospitality. She had three offers for hospitality jobs.
    • Lydiah Wakiuru, a beautician by trade, is working as an full-time office assistant at a law firm.
    • Mike Bundi secured a full-time clerking job after a three-month internship at I&M Bank. He recently completed a Diploma in Banking at the Institute for Monetary Studies.
    • Mercy Achieng is working as a full-time Faculty Assistant at Strathmore University while completing her Bachelor of Commerce degree in the evenings. She secured the job alone.
    • Emily Ngina is working full-time at a real estate company as an accountant after completing her CPA at Strathmore University.  She secured this job on her own.
  • Dismas is working independently as a welder at a street stall.

We would also like to acknowledge Isaiah Kirieri, HHFL’s computer teacher and co-manager, who graciously donates 10% of his salary each month to support HHFL costs.

To Isaiah and all of HHFL’s amazing young adults, thank you for your wonderful generosity of spirit and for your unwavering commitment to bettering the life for all HHFL children!

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