Albanus Mbuvi

Albanus Mbuvi

Key Statistics

Name: Albanus Mbuvi
Age: 18
Dream Diploma: Information Technology
Dream College: Nairobi Aviation College
Duration: 2.5 years
Cost per year: $3,000

"I dream of becoming an IT specialist!"

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Rookie Record

Albanus, tell us a little bit about yourself!

“When I joined HHFL, I gained a completely new outlook on life. I have always been a very disciplined and organized person so I was able to adjust very quickly and well to my new surroundings. In 2012, I came first in my class and was named library captain. I love art and enjoy mentoring the younger HHFL kids during the holidays. At the moment, I am working at Nairobi Java House as a barista, a job that I am very proud to have gained! ”

What does going to College or University mean to you?

“College means meeting new people of all ages. After all, I’ve been going to school with the same people for twelve years! College means being more self-sufficient. The professors in college treat you like an adult which means they don’t stick their necks out to make sure you turn things in on time. College means increasing my chances of getting a good job!”

What inspired you to choose your dream career path?

Our country is becoming more and more technologically savvy. Everything is becoming computerized. I believe the field of IT will continue to have good career prospects in the future.

Why do you deserve this opportunity?

I deserve the opportunity to go to the best college this is because I want my dreams of having a bright future to come true. Secondly I am working as a barista at a coffee shop so I can contribute toward my education which eases the burden for me and also for the project. I also want to have a chance to become a meaningful IT player in Kenya.”

If you could walk in someone else’s shoes for one day, who would you choose and why?

“I would choose Bill Gates so that I will be able to invent more computer programmes and packages which have not yet been invented and become great. When I become great, I will make sure our project stays great too. I know I will be great in this life – I am a victor and am going to emerge victorious.”

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