Meet the children: Asha Kiza

Meet the children: Asha Kiza

Written by Asha Kiza, Grade 8 student

My name is Asha Kiza and I am in grade eight at St. Nicholas school. I was born in 1997. There are twelve of us in the family but six have passed on in the past few years. I am the last born in my family. My father died when I was very little and I did not have a chance to see him or even his photograph.

I grew up with my mother and siblings and we love each other. My mother is a very caring and loving woman, but she does not have a job and she is also sick so she stays at home.

Before we came to the HHFL, we were living in the Kibera slums. In 2008 during the post election violence, our home was burned to ashes and we had to run away where we could be safe. My family scattered in the caos and I found myself alone and terrified. I went to the Nairobi Showground where other people had run to and there we had nothing to sleep on or cover ourselves with. Food was also scarce and we didn’t even have shoes. Life was so scary for me during this time because I was alone and I did not know where my family was or if they were fine.

Mama Hanne found me at a refugee camp in the Showground and brought me to HHFL. My mother and three of my siblings were found and brought to HHFL a week later which made me very happy. But six family members perished in the violence. Since the nightmare, I have lived peacefully with my remaining family at home and also with my HHFL family. I feel very secure and love it here. I never wish to see the violence again.

I like travelling, reading novels, going to school, listening to music and the best that I like is to make new friends. I don’t like creating enemies with people who are around me. School is wonderful because I learn new things everyday and I like studying. My best subject is Math followed by English. The most difficult one is Kiswahili but I am working very hard so that I can understand it very well and also balance all my subjects.

I want to become either an accountant or a nurse when I grow up. HHFL has been very helpful to me. This year I was taken to stay with other kids in the hostel and I am very happy since now I can have a lot of time to study after school. I will use this time well to prepare for my November exams that will take me to high school.

I would love to be part of a sponsor family in another part of the world because it will give me some reassurance to know that I can continue my studying and know that someone else loves me. This is my greatest wish.

To learn more about sponsoring Asha, click here. 


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