May your soul rest in peace, Grison

May your soul rest in peace, Grison

On Friday morning, Grison Ngugi, an orphan who has been with us since 2006, passed away suddenly and unexpectedly from pulmonary TB. He was taken to hospital by HHFL after complaining of chest pains. He died a few hours later in his sleep. He was twenty years old.

Words cannot describe our grief and sadness. We are deeply mourning his loss.

Grison was a gentle and kind soul who has overcome incredible odds. He was HHFL’s first child after being found alone on the streets by Hanne and Ted at the tender age of 11. We are the only family he has ever known.

Despite a developmental delay, HHF sent him to school and later, he gained a welding certificate. He was cared for by his brothers and sisters at the project and loved by all. We gave him the chance to live his life fruitfully till the hour of his demise and for that, we are thankful.

The children and staff in Kenya would like to pay tribute by sharing some words and remembrances about their fallen brother and friend.

Isaiah and Lucy (HHFL co-managers): We are the only family he has known and we will stand with him to the end. He recently graduated as a Sunday school teacher at Presbyterian Church of Eastern Africa and he has been a very active member of the congregation. Here at the project, he has been a wonderful volunteer in the scouting movement and he has been commanding both the HHFL scouts and the St. Nicholas Primary School scouts. He has never missed a single scouting parade at St. Nicholas including during the school’s closing ceremonies. We have had lots of pride in him for being such a role model to the young ones there and we know he has touched many hearts, including ours. He rests in peace.

Sheldrick (8th grade): Thank you so much Grison for taking good care of me since I was a young boy. I remember when you always stood with me and calmed me when you found me crying. I thank you Grison and I am really sad for your unfortunate death. I will miss you so much and may the Lord rest your soul in peace

Paul Maria (7th grade): Thank you Grison you were just like my brother and we were walking together, joking together and we were just a family. When my mother sent me to fetch water you would help me and I thank you for all you have done

Dominic (High school grad): I want to appreciate you as our hero for the great person you have been in my life.You were not just a friend but more than a friend to me. You were a big brother to us and may your soul rest in peace.

Faith: We loved you Grison, but God loved you the most. I know we will miss a lot the good times we had together. I will miss you a lot for being a good scout and also an active member of this fund and the community at large. May the Almighty God place your heart and soul in a good place. Love you big and will miss you a lot big brother.

Duncan (friend): For sure Grison Ngugi has left a big mark in every one who knew him. A thing I remember about him was you could send him and he would respond without a question. Scouting and football “soccer” was something he treasured. We will remember him for many things he used to do and he will always remain in our hearts. R.I.P Grison Ngugi.

Asha (8th grade): You were a good man and above all you were very hardworking and a kind man. May God rest your soul in peace

Elizabeth (6th grade): Thank you for being kind to us all and I am thanking you for teaching us about scouting

Muli (5th grade): Thank you for teaching me scout and I will miss you

Diana (7th grade): Thank you Grison for teaching us scout and I pray that you will rest in peace

James (6th Grade): Thank you for doing good things to me and you are a good leader. I am very sad. I still love you and may you rest in peace.

Grison, we will never forget you.You will always remain in our hearts.

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