Bright idea! Dominic plays with electricity

Bright idea! Dominic plays with electricity

Written by Dominic Sammy

I am very excited to write an update about my life. This week I have been very busy after Mama Hanne and Baba Ted connected me to George (a professional electrician). It is actually a privilege to me that not everyone has. I am very thankful for this. It is an apprenticeship where George teaches me the basics as an electrician. From the very beginning I have been gaining so much knowledge and I am grateful to have George take me under his wing.

I have had the opportunity to visit different locations and companies all while learning the basics. For example, the first day I visited the British American Tobacco on the way to Lungalunga Estate here in Nairobi. Following this, I was to report to Bruce Trucks and Equipment.

I am grateful for George’s patience and mentorship which gives way for a supportive and fruitful working relationship. We have lengthy discussions about electricity which helps him gage how much knowledge I have and how much more I need to learn. There is no doubt that this experience will help me develop my skills.
As a member of The 2013 Wanafunzi Dream Team I have a gut feeling that this is the direction I am meant to pursue irrespective of the obstacles that come my way. With a good support system and my motivation I believe I can make my dreams come to life.  I am forever appreciative of this opportunity and wish to thank to Mama Hanne and Baba Ted who made it happen because if were not for them it couldn’t have happened.

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