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Mike Bundi is an orphan and has been a part of the HHFL family since 2006.  As an integral member of the family, his book smarts, commitment and boyish good looks have made him a terrific role model for our HHFL kids over the years.  He has been on a transformative journey that is yielding top results.  Overcoming some imaginable obstacles, he has established himself in the banking industry and has become one of our greatest success stories.  Alexandra caught up with Mike and asked him questions about his career.


Congratulations of your new job, Mike! Tell us about your new job and what you are doing?

I am currently employed with I & M Bank, one of Kenya’s privately owned commercial banks.  It is a key player in the Kenyan market and has established itself on the international stage.  I am posted at the account opening department which deals with opening and maintaing accounts on behalf of the clients.  My job entails vetting the documents of the clients who wish to open an account with the bank.  I also register clients who wish to operate their accounts via the internet.  In addition, I act as a liaison with other bank branches.  Originally, my journey began as an internship with the I & M Bank and I was fortunate to have been extended an employment opportunity.

What has the experience been like for you, so far?

The experience has been amazing.  It is beyond words.  I am very happy to have be invited to work for I &M Bank. I thank my donors including The First Group and Mr. and Mrs. Atkinson, as well as the project for their efforts that has allowed me to reach my goal.

You were an intern, among other interns, at the bank. I would think there was some competition for the position. Why do you think you were the best candidate?

Yes it was a competitive process because there are never enough positions for the amount of people requiring jobs. But I believe I was the best candidate because I am assertive and confident. I worked so hard during my internship and never gave up. During the job interview, I answered all the questions honestly and to the best of my ability. I believed that I could do the job and I think that came across to the interview panel. My educational background in banking and finance was also a motivating factor that helped me solidify my candidacy.

What do you like the best about your new job?

What I love best about my new job is working in the field that I love!  I am truly passionate about finance.  I am also privileged to be working with hardworking and qualified staff.  This motivates me to be the best that I can be professionally.

What does gaining professional employment mean to you personally?

Gaining professional employment means a lot to me. Firstly, I am able to be self-reliant and take care of my own bills.  This is something that I never thought would be possible. As a young kid, I would dream of this moment but it seemed so far away. Now I feel as though the path has been laid for a life out of the slum and out of poverty. I want my brothers and sisters at HHFL to believe and trust that they can achieve this too if they work hard enough and not take anything for granted. I want to be a real life example of success and give back to HHFL which has given me so much.

How has HHF played a role in your success? 

HHF and HHFL has really played a major role for me especially to be able to get this far.  It has given me the opportunity not only to get an education but a competitive education and has graciously paid all my school fees and all other expenses.  I thank The First Group for supporting me at college and Mr. and Mrs. Atkinson who sponsored me all these years. I also would like to thank Mama Hanne and Baba Ted who assisted me in securing the I&M Bank internship.


Now that you have transitioned successfully into the workforce, have your life goals and dreams changed? If so, tell us how?

I do not feel as though my dreams have changed.  Rather, I feel as though I have already achieved my goals and dreams.  I have accomplished so much and I am grateful.  The only goal left to pursue is to give back to the project and to further complete my degree studies.  I would like to finish by saying thank-you for your continued support and for the HHFL fraternity.  You are my family and I am forever grateful.


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