A field trip to remember: Kisumu and Lake Victoria

Written by Sheldrick, Grade 7

It was a journey to remember. A few primary school students went to Kisumu which is very hot place where people only wear vests. It was 8pm when we reached there in the evening. Kisumu is about a thousand kilometres from Nairobi and we had started the journey early at five in the morning.

When we arrived we stayed at a school were we could have our meals and sleep there. The first day was tiresome so we were allowed to relax for that day so that we could start exploring the next day.

When morning reached we all headed for breakfast and had a very delicious tea and some Mandazi. We went to the bus and started the journey. Our head teachers told us that we are going to visit an impala to see lots of animals.

When we reached the impala, we were welcomed by the rangers and one of the rangers told us that we are not allowed to feed the animals even if they wanted food. We saw one Olive Baboon and Yellow Baboon. We also saw two strong lions which lay down on the ground, two lionesses plus many more animals.

We also visited Lake Victoria where we went into a cargo ship. One of the tour guides told us that there was a ship that can carry even a train.

We went for a boat ride in Lake Victoria which was amazing and wished to stay more days. But the time came to go back home.

We would like to thank Mama Hanne, Baba Ted and all the HHF supporters very much for allowing us to go on this trip and may God bless you a lot.

From Sheldrick

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