A tribute poem in honour of Grison Ngugi

A tribute poem in honour of Grison Ngugi

Written by Carolyne Wangare

This is for our fallen soldier,
We miss you although your gone in our hearts you will remain forever

Grison, you were a blessing since day one,
Even if you’re gone we still feel your angelic touch every corner of HHFL home and in our hearts,

Grison of all the flowers you had the freshness,
Of all the angels you had the heart, looks and blessedness,
You who clothed the little flowers
You give wings to the little birds,
You are now in the heart of our Lord whom you loved so tenderly

And we know that you will tell Him how we love Him too
Sing to him as you used to

Grison, so innocent, kind and a generous brother
You flew to God’s palm, you are now our guardian Angel
Most are the times we found ourselves out of tune,
But whenever you were around
You provided the melody and the music went on,

How we miss you and your ever smiling face,
We can never explain what we feel in our hearts
We are thankful for the years we spent with you and all the beautiful moments we shared

You were such a blessing to us
This might not mean much but no matter what just know we appreciated you every second you were around.

Flowers die, stories end, songs fade, memories are forgotten
All come and end
But precious people like you are treasured forever in our hearts, minds and lives

We loved you but God loved you most.


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