HHFL’s Carolyne Wangare finds ‘fire in the belly’ at hospitality college

HHFL’s Carolyne Wangare finds ‘fire in the belly’ at hospitality college

Letter from HHFL’s Carolyne Wangare, 1st year Amboseli College student in Hospitality Management

Life at Amboseli College is great and I am loving it! My favourite courses are Front office, Housekeeping, Hospitality, Management and Food and Beverage Service. Food Production has been giving me a hard time but I have improved incredibly lately. I have decided to specialize in Food and Beverage Service since I love service and am exposed to a lot of different people. I am also learning German. Whaooo!! It’s the best!!

In college, I am also engaged in some of extra-curricular activities like salsa dancing, acting, playing football, first aid and the Environmental Club.  I attended a Salsa competition with my partner and am proud to say that we got first place!

My favourite teacher is called Madam Roseline. She is the head of the Hospitality Department in our school. She teaches me Housekeeping and Fundamental Hospitality. She is kind, caring and loving. She is so helpful also is a very good counsellor. Her advice and helping hand is what makes me stop at nothing but the best.

Madam Beatrice is amazing too.  She is so tough but she is that way because she wants the best for all of us. Her positive toughness and the power to command and manage all the teenagers is what I like about her. Every single day I learn something new about how to be a good manager. I just love them and they are my role models in college.

I have learned that life in college is easy if feel strong, stay focused and associate with the right kind of people – the kind who have fire in the belly to be the best!

I recently went for a three day trip to Masai Mara to visit the Sarova Mara Hotel. The moment I stepped into the hotel, i immediately knew that this is the kind of place I want to work when I am done with my studies. I am crossing my fingers that this hotel chooses me to spend my first attachment in January!! I would love so much to go there.

Last but not least, I want to take this time to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your support, love and care. I would not have come this far if it were not for your love for me. Knowing that someone is somewhere struggling day and night to make my future bright gives me a lot of motivation and makes me want to work very hard. I love you so much and miss you big….Looking forward to see you soon.

Love Carolyne

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