What HHFL Means to Me: In the Children’s Words

What HHFL Means to Me: In the Children’s Words

As we reflect on 10 wonderful years of helping Kenyan children in dire need, we thought you might like to hear from the HHFL children and youth themselves. What better way to tap into what our organization means and why our work matters so much!

Asha Liza, Grade 10
16 years old

“HHFL is my home and I am proud of it!  This home improved my standard of living by giving me food, clothing, shelter, medication when needed and love.  As a teenage girl I feel safe and secure.”

Fatima Nasir, Grade 9
15 years old

“It is my first year with HHFL and I have learned to use computers and speak in English as in Mombasa we were taught in Swahili.  I have also learned to interact with people from other places and tribes, which never happened before.”

Bonafice Opiyo, Grade 9
15 years old

“I have acquired a new family where I feel appreciated and cared for, unlike what happened in Barbados Orphanage where I spent my primary years.  HHFL also has helped me change into a humble and responsible boy.”

Diana Mutheo, Grade 9
15 years old

“HHFL has provided me with shelter, guidance and counselling.  As a teenager I feel safe, secure and cared for.  HHFL is my family!”

Evans Mbogo, Grade 10
17 years old

“HHFL is a place where love and respect are the norm.  I have learned to give back and teacher Isaiah continues being my strongest role model.”

Anthony Githingi, Grade 6
13 years old

“HHFL has given me a home since 2006 and has allowed me to have a family where previously I had none.  HHFL has shielded me from bad company and negative vices rampant in the slum.”

Elvis Juma, Grade 7
14 years old

“HHFL to me means that I am assured of an education, food and healthcare; all of which would have been a pipe dream back in the slum!”

Leah Wanja, Grade 6
12 years old

“HHFL has encouraged girl empowerment and taught me that what a boy child can do, a girl child can do as well.  HHFL has granted me access to computers and internet, which are non-existent in the slum.  HHFL has also taught me the value of discipline, respect and teamwork!”

Lymphia Muhonja, Grade 7
14 years old

“HHFL to me is a place I can get to explore my talents and potential to the fullest.  I am also assured guidance and counselling whenever I am going through a rough patch and this means the world to me.”

Patrick Omukoholo, Grade 9
16 years old

“HHFL teaches us to be creative and imaginative, something that doesn’t exist in our schools.  HHFL has taught me that my main ability is in the creative field and I love it.  I am presently in charge of the creative side of things in HHFLs extra curricular program.”

Esther Nunga, College student

“I used to be bitter in everything, nothing seemed good but when I joined HHFL, it taught me that the world is not as cruel as I thought. HHFL provided me with a home that I never had. It showed me with love that I missed for so many years and above all it guaranteed me education.

Charles Muia, high school graduate and post secondary hopeful

“Through the support of HHFL, I have been able to complete my high school studies and attained good grades. Currently I am working in Java House Africa as a server using the skills I achieved from my Rekero Camp internship. I am also saving some of my income for my post secondary education where I want to pursue a Tour and Guiding course.”

Lucy, HHFL project manager since 2006

“When life seemed still & I had given up HHFL came to me in times of need & gave me hope where their was no hope. HHFL to me is a place of second and even third chance as it has given me & and many others a new lease of life. Training while on the job has also allowed me to realize my full potential while honing my managerial skills. HHFL has given me the opportunity to be a mother, an elder sister and a guidance counsellor to so many kids. HHFL has given empowerment to support myself and my dependants which would have been impossible so far back in the slum. Where I was previously an orphan, I now have Mama Hanne & Baba Ted thanks to HHFL.”

Samuel Waweru, 2016 College graduate in Aeronautical Engineering

“I feel proud and appreciated to be entitled in a big family, HHFL where caring and loving is unconditional.Through this big family, I have been equipped with computer skills that help me much in my studies, which is a field that concerns too much of research. This is something that never happens in normal institutions.I also feel safe and secure as I am away from the streets where drugs and gang activities are not optional to boys of my status and age.

I have a high sense of self-esteem and confidence. This is from the current affairs that we are taken through by Baba Ted. He is a role model to me and I’m have emulated him in becoming a good critical thinker. Leadership qualities are also exceptional in me. I have acquired most of them through HHFL programs and I feel I’m a good leader who is admired by many.”

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