We All Need Somebody to Lean On – Tatum’s Fundraiser

We All Need Somebody to Lean On – Tatum’s Fundraiser

Written by Isaiah Kirieri, HHFL’s IT & Communications admin

An email chain reached to us from Victoria Turner through Baba Ted, the name we give to our founder director and the chairperson of the Canadian board – Ted Horton. It was about a little Canadian girl called Tatum. She is in dire need of an operation by the month of April.

Tatum was born on June 1st 2011 with a syndrome called Pallister-Killian mosaic as well as a brain malformation known as Perisylvian Polymicrogyria which makes her unable to do many things but can communicate her feelings and needs through a tablet, as has learned to walk with a walker. We learned from the email that the progress she had been making in her growth were challenged in the recent few days, to which a doctor has recommended a special surgery called Selective Percutaneous Myofascial Lengthening which costs a fortune and can not be done in Canada. Her family had registered a fundraising cause that can be accessed on this link:  Keep Tatum on her Feet

We shared this story with the HHFL children, for one, as a lesson to them to know that there are many other people in need, and also to open an avenue for them to do the little they can in their own ways and help this little angel. The kids and staff were very touched by Tatum’s story.

HHFL primary school kids decided to help in the fundraiser by foregoing their evening fruit which they so much love. They take this daily after school before engaging in extra curricular activities for an hour. When word came around that there was going to be a family day, the HHFL kids organized themselves into groups of 3 or 4. Each group was to work on an item to be featured in a talent show that would be used as the 2nd part of the fundraiser.

2019 March Tatum's FundraiserWith all this love, they presented dances, songs, recorder and piano music, poems and an art exhibition after which a collection was done. We have been able to send $120 towards this cause with a lot of love, and it has been such a life lesson to everyone here.

Kim Wauchope  has been very happy to learn about the HHF kids selfless act, and we here can not wait to read about the progress that our little friend makes during and after the operation.


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