Celebrating Evans and his technical gifts

Celebrating Evans and his technical gifts

Written by Lucy, HHFL Project Manager

We would love to share with everyone about one of our big successes in 2018!

We pride ourselves on providing care and opportunities to each and every one of our children, giving all an equal chance to make a difference in their lives.

We enrol the most needy of the needy children from the slum. With our number one priority being quality education to the kids, we have had a few challenges with some of the children who aren’t book smart.

In most situations, kids who do not finish primary or high school or fail to obtain good grades end up losing out in a common Kenyan society.

However, at HHFL, we support all the children who do not make it through the expected education cycle i.e. 8 years in primary school, 4 years in high school and four years of university.

This year, we celebrate Evans who was over the moon to hear that he would be joining a technical school at the end of his primary school.

He couldn’t believe it. He has been a slow learner since we enrolled him at HHFL, a condition that’s attributed to his use of ARVs since he is among the unlucky kids that was born HIV.

Evans tends to forget most of the things taught in school, in spite of his desire to learn as much as he can. His span of concentration is very short, but that notwithstanding, he is a generally very active boy. We had observed him for a while since his infancy and we knew his motor skills were very good and he was good with hands.

What is really eye catching about his story is that Evans knew his strengths and stood tall in them. He did not push to go to high school which is normally the dream of most primary school graduates even if they have not performed very well in their final examinations.

When I called him in my office to ask him what he thought about his future, he pointed out he would love to pursue an electrical wiring or plumbing vocational course.

He seemed assertive with his decision and not once did he mention anything about joining high school. He did not let pressure from his peers get in to him. He stuck to his decision, never wavering and was not jealous of other kids joining high school.

We have finally enrolled him at Don Bosco Technical Institute in Embu where he is undertaking a plumbing course over 2 years. He is a very happy young man and this makes us believe he is focused into making the best out of the opportunity that HHFL is giving him.

It is not just Evans’ happiness to see him having come this far, but our joy in knowing that he too, like each and every one of our children, is a winner and on the right path to achieving self-reliance.

We are behind you all the way, Evans!

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