Spotlight on HHFL Alumni: Sharon Akinyi

Spotlight on HHFL Alumni: Sharon Akinyi

Sharon Akinyi has been working with Mkopa Solar company in Nairobi since 2014. She cleared her O level education under the sponsorship of HHF and graduated with big dreams of becoming an accountant.

After graduating, HHF connected Sharon with Mkopa for an interview. She was invited for a whole day of interviewing with 70 other candidates, most of whom were college male graduates. She won a coveted position as a Call Centre representative along with another HHFL student, Faith.

Since 2014, Sharon works as as a Call Centre representative and has received accolades from her employer. But her dreams of getting her Accountant degree remained at the forefront.

Today, after working full-time every day, she attends night school at Strathmore University to gain her Certified Public accountant course and hopes to attain the CPA(K) status. She is paying for the majority of her tuition, while HHF has agreed to kick in where she is falling short to help her realize her dream.

Sharon is also a mother. She cares for her son whom she gave birth to a year ago. She is a very caring and loving mother to her son, to her own mother and to the HHFL kids.

To give you an idea for this young lady’s generous and kind spirit, she has offered to cover the cost for the drinks for this December’s closing ceremony at HHFL so that the young children can enjoy a holiday treat.

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