Samuel Mumo sings for the President!

Samuel Mumo sings for the President!

Written by HHF youth, Samuel Mumo (Grade 9)

Term two of this year is done. So much has happened when I was at school. I couldn’t keep it all to myself. I have to share the experience with the world because this thing is really burning inside me. I am more than happy about it all.

I am an active member, treasurer and an official of our school choir. I collect, manage and plan on how to spend the money that the choir needs. For example, buying of costumes, trips, parties. I am also the voice representative of the Tenor Two (in a boys choir we have four voice sections: Tenor One, Tenor Two, Baritone and Bass). Being a voice representative I have to look after the interests of the section members and be a voice lead.

That's my voice, Tenor Two and I am Holding the Trophy

That’s my voice, Tenor Two and I am Holding the Trophy








My school choir, Pumwani High School, recently competed at the National Music Festival held in Kisumu.  It was a week long competition but we have been the champions of the festival for many years and we won again this year!

We performed so well that we won ourselves a ticket to the state concert which was held in the Kisumu State House and we sang for the President! This is a chance everyone dies for but it’s so hard to get it!  The President was the Guest of honor together with the Minister of Education.  Performing to the President means that the whole country is watching. Our performances were so good that the media became interested.

The Citizen Television Chanel which is the leading television channel in the country asked to host us in their early morning program, Power Breakfast, which they called the Winners Concert. We performed twice on the show and they interviewed our trainer and Captain.

After ending the show we took a lot of pictures with the news anchors who were wildly more excited than us. All the crazy poses are seen here, it was so much fun taking pictures with everyone and getting to know them better. Of course this day was so unique; never will we have such fun. It was very sad as we left the premises at around 9 am.

We all went back to our school bus, got addressed by the school principal who had accompanied us. We departed to school where we collected our belongings and everyone headed home. Getting home everyone was excited because they’d seen us on the television. I really had to sleep. I was so tired but it was one of the best days of my life.

At the Citizen TV studio

At the Citizen TV studio








I really hope that more opportunities are on our way, for me all this is really helping me as now I am a member of the Kenya Boys Choir. They’ve been out of the country for the past two weeks for a tour in India. When am done with high school I hope that I’ll b able to go to many other places.

Despite all this I make sure that I balance it with academics for my career, an Aeronautical Engineer.

There’s nothing better than seeing our children succeed. Please find out how you can help here.

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