One day, I will run for Kenya…

One day, I will run for Kenya…

Written by Mackline, Grade 8 student

I am in class eight at A.C.K Good Samaritan school. This is my final year in primary school and it is exciting because next year I will be in high school.

I am 14 years old. I like playing football, volleyball, boxing and running long races. Some of my friends call me a tomboy when I play those games.

The best part is that I know what I want to achieve in life. I usually tell them that I don’t care what they say to me.

Before the school break last term, we were invited to play football among some schools in a place called Marist just here in Karen. I was among the 1st eleven to play in our school team.

Only eleven pupils and four teachers were to represent our school. I was happy because I was going to prove to them what I like doing best. After the match was over I was the best girl out of all the schools that were competing.

I won a trophy, which I took to school and showed off to my friends who had remained in school. We took a lot of photos by our head teacher who had come with us for the competitions.

When I came back home to HHFL, I told them the good news and they were proud of me with my good work in school.

We also held athletics competitions in our school and we were competing against another 7 schools that come from around Karen. I was the captain for senior girls in our school.

I like running both long and short races. I was nervous at first because the other girls who were in the races were taller and older than me, but I prayed to God to give me courage so that I could run without fear.

I took part in 400m, 800m, 200m, 1400m and a walking race. My schoolmates, teachers and staff cheered me to victory. I was given four certificates by our school manager. In every race that I run in, I placed first and I thank God for helping me. Our school was in the top position and we are proud of ourselves. We played and no one was hurt.

During lunchtime, I was served the biggest portion of beef and rice. I felt so happy because I made so many people proud of me, including my HHFL brothers and sisters and our school.

I could not wait to get to HHFL that day! I took my certificates to Teacher Isaiah and he promised to put them in frames.

I told my family what I am doing at school and they are very proud of me. I promise everybody that I will continue to use my talent and still work hard in class so I can get good grades.

One day I will run for Kenya and I would like to be seen on television. The money with am going to earn will help my family, HHFL and the people in slum.


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