HHFL high school students gain ‘competitive edge’ through computer certification

HHFL high school students gain ‘competitive edge’ through computer certification

Under the direction and initiative of HHFL’s computer teacher Isaiah, all the HHFL high school started working toward gaining their ICT computer certification during the August holiday break.

The certificate is designed by Computers for Schools Kenya and contains six units:

1. Introduction to Computers & Operating Systems
2. Word processing
3. Spreadsheets
4. Databases
5. Presentation Graphics
6. Information Network Services and the Internet

At the end of August, about 20 HHFL high school kids were assessed by teacher Isaiah for the first unit – Introduction to Computers & Operating Systems. The results were very encouraging confirming that the kids are becoming more comfortable and knowledgable on the computer. Paul Sane claimed the highest mark with 96% with Philomena hot on his heels with a respectable 85%! The remainder largely fell between 60-75%.

Kenyan primary and high school students do not use computers in their schools during the term. Their only access to computers is at HHFL making it important to focus on building skills and knowledge during the holiday breaks.

Teacher Isaiah hopes to begin the assessment for the second unit during the December holiday break. He is committed to preparing the kids properly for the required exams to gain their certification giving them another ‘leg up’ as they start to compete with their peers for placements and jobs.

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