HHF Champion’s Profile: “An Afternoon of Art and Giving” at Whitney Public School in Toronto

HHF Champion’s Profile: “An Afternoon of Art and Giving” at Whitney Public School in Toronto

Whitney Public School’s Grade 1/2 teacher Alissa Andersen in Toronto worked together with HHF supporter, champion and mother of 6-year-old Avery, Victoria Turner, to design and carry out a classroom charity initiative in the form of an art auction entitled “An Afternoon of Art and Giving” for HHFL’s benefit.

As part of a two-month effort, Alissa used the information from the HHF websites to teach her students about Kenya and HHFL life as part of the Social Studies curriculum.

Skype call with Whitney SchoolOne of the unique benefits of aligning with an organization like HHF is that teachers and students around the world can directly access the project team and HHFL kids.  The Whitney children held lively Skype calls with the children at HHFL so the children could exchange stories about their lives, expand their world views and learn from each other. Alissa described the Skype calls as a way for her students to make a direct connection as well as make the learning experience come alive.

ArtworkThroughout the month of May, both the students at Whitney and the HHFL children prepared artwork for an art auction that was held in the Grade 1/2 classroom at Whitney School. Alissa and her students invited all the parents to “An Afternoon of Art and Giving”, where the artwork was sold  raising over $1000 for the HHFL kids! The Whitney students were filled with pride and the experience had a powerful impact. As Victoria’s daughter firmly stated to her mother “I want to make money to give to the HHFL kids”! What more could we hope for.

To inspire teachers to initiate similar efforts, Victoria put together a step-by-step guide called HHF Class Fundraiser in a Box. We hope to give teachers the tools and information they need to provide their students with an equally enriching and unique experience.

Huge thanks to Alissa and Victoria for connecting the lives of the students on both sides of the world!

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