Esther’s success story

Esther’s success story

Written by HHFL Youth, Esther

I write this to tell everyone how I am progressing with my job. Last month I got employed by a security company called Patriotic Group.

This job came at a time when I was expected to go back to Mara Bush Houses to complete my internship with Asilia Africa. It was a difficult time because I needed to make a quick decision on either taking up the new job or reporting to the camp.

I spoke with the HHFL manager and asked them whether they would allow me to go for the job and start earning something for my future life. HHFL has been very supportive and I am very happy.

As I was joining the company, I was to start as a guard and I was willing to do so though it was really a challenge for a lady. We started with training for two good weeks. As we were on training the owner of the company saw my interest in the work together with my hard work and he decided to elect me as a leader on the site that we were to be posted. I was the supervisor in the Ngong mall which is located in Ngong. I did the job for two weeks only. I was then called to report to our main office in Yaya center, where I was supposed to meet with the owner of the company together with the operating managers. They all thanked me for my hard work; also they informed me that I was going to be an assistant trainer.

I played my part excellently without being followed or directed on what to do. I always kept time. From all those things I was given the chance to be the trainer and not an assistant. For now I am working as the trainer and I really thank Mama Hanne and Baba Ted because they provided for us physical fitness classes which is the one that has helped me to be in the position I am.

I don’t know how I can express my happiness. I am now happily employed and I want to make enough savings to pay for some of my college expenses when the time comes.


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