Daniel’s experiences as an Economics “freshman”

Daniel’s experiences as an Economics “freshman”

Written by Daniel Safari, 1st year student, Bachelor of Science in Economics and Statistics at Masai Mara University

A year has just flown past so quick that I cant believe that I am off now back to class for the 2nd year of my university studies.

I am taking a Degree in Bachelor of Science in Economics and Statistics and I have finished my first academic year successfully in Masai Mara university.

I am among the lucky HHFL kids that was chosen to be funded for a four-year university degree program, considering how costly this is.

It was only possible because I got good grades in the end of high school exams that secured me a place as a government sponsored student.

About 50% of my school fees is covered by the government and HHF and all the wonderful donors has been very helpful in enabling meet the rest of my schooling budget, which includes hostel, books and upkeep.

My first year was different than I was expecting. There is more free time at University. Some days I only have a 2hr lecture and the rest of the time is up to me to decide what to do with it.

Due to much free time I had in campus, I have enrolled for other courses which will reinforce my degree and give me a better chance when it comes to job search.

I’m finding it really exciting to out of Nairobi. Masai Mara University is located in a town called Narok. This is about 150km from our home.  Narok is not as big as Nairobi and I find life a bit easier for me.

Just as any 1st year student, the biggest challenge I had to overcome was to adjust from the crazy Nairobi way of life. I had to get used to the new warmer weather, meeting new people and also managing my life individually without having to be followed around.

In my second academic year, which I have already started this September 2017, I am going to put lots of attention into my studies to ensure I score high marks in my units and be the best that I want to be.

I am determined and dedicated towards my studies where am targeting a first class or second upper at the end of my four year academic programme.

I am always grateful for the change that HHF has taken me through. I’m excited to give you another update at the end of next year!

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