Closing Ceremony at St. Nicholas Primary School

Closing Ceremony at St. Nicholas Primary School

Written by Sheldrick Akabunga, Grade 8

It was an amazing day that everyone had been waiting for.   It was closing day at my primary school, St. Nicholas, where all the HHFL primary student attend.  Student, parents and teachers gathered for this joyous occasion.

Teacher Isaiah and two of our older HHFL brothers and sisters, Kariuki and Faith, had come to school representing us as our guardians.  We all walked in and settled into a well maintained dining hall where we waited for the master of ceremonies to start the evening.  Our master of ceremonies was Lawrence, a teacher from the school.

We began with a prayer.  After prayer we waited for the scouts who were led by Grison, a former HHFL graduate (who was in charge of the parade).  The scouts came marching in, stamping their feet loudly and in unison.  Everyone watched happily.

The parents watched their children march like soldiers.  When the scouts finished their parade, the exam results were announced.  The kids from HHFL did really well.  The curriculum at St Nicholas includes 5 major subjects: English (Grammar and Composition), Kiswahili, the 2nd national language after English (Grammar and Composition), Mathematics, Science and Social Studies (which also includes Religious education)

These are some examples of how well some of our kids did:

– Nicholas Mutuku (3rd Grade) was the best junior student in Swahili

– Michelle Adhiambo (4th Grade) topped in Math among the upper primary students with 88%. She also received an award for the best English Essay (composition) with 35 points out of 40 as well as the best Kiswahili Compositions among the senior classes scoring 32 points out of 40

– Sonia Navalayo (4th Grade) clinched the 2nd position overall in the class and also emerged as the best student in Swahili amongst the upper primary classes.  She also had the highest grades for Social Studies and Christian Religious Education with 82%

– Sandra Kambai (4th Grade) was the top overall student in her class.  She had the highest mark in Swahili Composition, alongside Leah Wanja and Michelle Adhiambo (each had 32 points out of 40)

– Both Dedan Mwangi (3rd Grade) and Patricia Wanjiru (8th Grade) got third position overall in their respective classes

– The school also recognizes students who make notable improvement in examinations.  Rajab Ogolla (2nd Grade) and Anthony King’oo (3rd Grade) got rewarded for this reason.


The HHFL kids really did their best and we are not only very happy but very proud of our students.  The day was filled with happiness and everyone smiled with joy.


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