Celebrating HHFL Family Day

Celebrating HHFL Family Day

Written by Lucy Nyambura, HHFL’s Operations Manager

Saturday, 2nd March 2019 was an important family day at our home. It brought together all the HHFL kids in primary school, a few from high school and the alumni. This particular day happened to fall in the middle of the school calendar and all the high school kids who are in boarding school were not around. It was also a special home-coming day to Alexandra, Tom and their family since the last time they visited us in 2013 before we moved into our current compound in 2014. Also in attendance was the Canadian board members: Hanne, Ted and Marianne. Our longtime friend and local board member, Moyra, also graced the occasion

There had been lots of excitement from across the family once the date of this event got stamped, and all were looking forward to it. Family days are special, as such moments bring together members of the family who are not easily available. Hanne Howard Fund has grown, and a big number of kids(about 65) are out there either gainfully employed, job searching or still pursuing their post Secondary diplomas and degrees. It is therefore only possible to have a good number of them off from their occupations to visit on such days.

HHFL primary children had prepared a talent show, which apart from being used as a fundraiser (please see our other blog post about Tatum) was a warm way of keeping the guests entertained. There was lots of energetic dances, songs, poems, art and crafts exhibition and finger-licking food prepared by the kitchen staff led by Mama Margaret. She has been in the HHFL kitchen since day one, 13 years down the line.

Hanne and Ted were very happy to see the children, and listen to them sharing their experiences. Towards the end, a board sitting was convened. Our alumni –  we commonly refer to them as HHFL-WAO (We Are One) sat down and brainstormed on better ways of getting engaged with the HHFL in their giving-back initiative, and all agreed to come together with renewed energy under a new slogan – “KWA ROHO” which is Swahili for “FROM THE HEART”.  They have pledged themselves to impact the lives of their younger siblings here from the heart.

2019 Mar_Tatum Fundraiser3The little charges were very lucky to receive toys and other play items from Sebastian and Nico. The two are sons born to Alexandra and Tom, and they explained with enthusiasm and humor how the toys are to be used. It was a day to be remembered by everyone both young and old

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