A children's letter exchange between Kenya and Canada…

Dear Hope:

How are you doing? I hope that you are fine indeed. Am also doing fine here in Kenya. The aim of writing to you this special letter is to tell you about my life history.

My parents had HIV and I was born with it. I was not happy at all, but God one day sent someone in my life to make me feel happy. And these people are mother Hanne and Father Ted. I really appreciate their support and good care they have given to me. I used to stay with my grandmother who is a widow with no work. And now I feel at home because mother Hanne and Father Ted have build a home whereby they take good care of orphans and those children who are HIV+. Since was taken to hostel I feel welcomed and am very proud indeed to live in there.

I was worried about this disease I thought that I would die but mother Hanne together with father Ted took me to a hospital where I was told never to worry anymore. I was given advice how to care for myself and also I was given medicine and good nutrition to prevent this disease from ruining my body. Now I live happily and I believe in God that I will not die. I will live forever. And I know that in God everything is possible.

I was also happy to hear about you communicating to me through letters and I hope that one day you may come to see me here in Kenya. You are a good person in my life and may God grant all his blessings upon you. I have much to say but my frustration is too much to control. I just say the word goodbye forcefully.

Yours sincerely,

Carolyne Wambui from Nairobi, Kenya

To Carolyne:

How are you, are you feeling better? You let us know we will make sure you are. Please tell me so we know you are free free free free.

Sorry it took so long to write back to you. I am 7 years old. I have a little brother Noah who is 5 years old. We live in Burlington, near Toronto. I love going to school. I love to draw. I like to make experiments.

And I like fashion and making sure my clothes match. I take dance and piano lessons but most of all I love to play with my friends.

I hope you stay happy and healthy.

Take care,

From Hope in Burlington, Canada.

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