A day at Wilson Airport for two aspiring aeronautical engineers

A day at Wilson Airport for two aspiring aeronautical engineers

Written by Gabriel and Samuel, HHFL high school graduates

On February 19th, Gabriel and I, two aspiring aeronautical engineers, visited Wilson Airport in Nairobi courtesy of Baba Ted. We had the best moments of our lives as we saw first hand the exciting world of working with planes!

We met with Mr Dyer and Mr. Thomas who, despite being very busy, took time to explain the mechanics of plane engineering and the different fields that one could specialise in.  He also showed us the different types of engines and how they work. His advice will help us make an informed choice when it comes time to choosing a specialty.

Mr. Thomas also talked about job opportunities. It became very clear in our minds that aviation engineering is a very marketable and sought after field. Thank you for igniting our passion and confirming that aeronautical engineering is, without a doubt, what we both want to pursue!

With Alexandra, Mama Hanne’s daughter’s help, Gabriel and I are currently working very hard to develop our plan for applying to Aviation school as soon as our marks are released at the end of March. We are going to turn “I want” into “I am”! We cannot wait to get going!


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