HHFL’s 1st Ever Feature in a Children’s Radio Show

HHFL’s 1st Ever Feature in a Children’s Radio Show

Written by Bernard, one of HHFL’s participating students

We were so excited when we heard that we were going to Hope FM to be featured in the kids program for 2 hours!

A few Saturdays before the big day on August 4th, we listened to the radio show to know how the program was going to be and we practiced.

We practiced how to sing five songs and also sharpened our recorder songs. Four of us were chosen to represent our project.

On 4th August we woke up at 6AM to prepare ourselves in the hostel. Before we left HHFL, we prepared some cake and some tea for us to drink, so that we cannot feel hungry.

We left the project at 7:00am and we used 40 minutes to reach the Hope FM studios. Before we reached to the studio we passed through Nairobi town. Teacher Isaiah drove the car like lightning so that we would not be late.

When we reached the studio ,we saw a watchman standing next to the gate and he opened it for us. We came out of the car and found Uncle Martin, the Hope FM presenter waiting for us. He welcomed us with teacher Isaiah.

We entered the studio and Uncle Martin took us to a certain room, which was as clean as a new pin. He went on to prepare the room to record our stuff and he also gave us the rules of what to do and not to do in the studio.

Each one of us had a microphone and headphones. Uncle Martin told us to introduce ourselves and asked us a lot of questions.

For example what is our favorite color, our favorite animal, the number of teeth we have etc. Cidella was the one who was asked to tell our listeners about HHF and people were very happy to hear about us. There was time for people to call in and share.

Alfred, Cidella and I played Amazing Grace and Hot Cross Buns on our recorders. It was the best experience! Thank you for reading. We love all of you!

Hope FM HHF Treasure Hunt-Aug 2018(3)

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