Dreams of higher education for an HHFL child

Dreams of higher education for an HHFL child

Written by Wesley, an HHFL apprentice

My Interest for computers started way back in 2008. At this time, we only used laptops to learn our typing. I always enjoyed competing with my friends on our typing speeds. Later on, we had a good number of desktops donated to us. We now have a spacious computer lab and also a teacher who is there to ensure that we improve on our computer skills.

Now my ego for wanting to know more about computers set in when Tr. Isaiah came to the project. I was very keen on learning all about the computer. I was motivated with how he would answer any question about the functioning of the device with ease. This now inspired me to want to involve myself more with the computers. I have always worked closely with him. I have been helping out with putting up internet cables, assembling the computers after they have been repaired and handling computer classes.

Wesley HHFL apprenticeship

Wesley doing his thing as an HHFL tech apprentice









Now with the new software that we got from IBM, I am currently handling a class with the younger kids. I get to change their library and monitor those who are improving on their reading. This software has been very helpful since a great deal of our kids can speak quite good English. We have had quite a number of computer tests and I have always given out my best.

My dream has always been to pursue computer science at the university level. I am hopeful to come out successful and be able to inspire my younger brothers and sisters to have interest in computers.

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