We have a swimming pool in the slum!!

We were lucky in the month of July to have a donation of a small swimming pool! Swimming costumes is a vocabulary that is not known in the slum so during the swimming days the children carry with them a spare panty and shorts for the boys. All they do is undress and jump into the swimming pool with their inner wares! The first day was full of confusion, water in the slum is a rare commodity. A twenty liter Jeri can cost ksh.3! In their entire life the children had never had a chance to get immersed in water. Some were afraid of drowning. To the daring ones it was a God sent chance to, for once, play with water without having someone scold them!

After some time they got used to the idea and at least no one one is afraid of drowning now. Though the young ones still can’t understand what exactly a swimming pool is. They refer to it as the ‘lake’ or ‘river’. But they really enjoy being in water.

Thanks to Sonia, our dear donor and dedicated volunteer, for this fabulous addition to our home! This was the most exciting present we could have received!

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