Visit to Nairobi-based Communications Agency

Visit to Nairobi-based Communications Agency

Written by John and Brian, HHFL high school graduates

On the 1st of February 2013, we had the priviledge to visit Well Told Stories, a Communications Agency located at Karen, Nairobi. Since we are currently researching career opportunities and post-secondary school options, the visit came at a perfect time.

We met Miss Bridget who was our host and the Manager of the Agency. She was so kind and friendly to us and showed us around. She took all it upon herself to introduce us to the rest of the staff members. After the introduction, we were taken through each department to learn what they do. We had an opportunity to ask them questions about the design of their famous comic book called the Shujaaz.

In the Production department, we were introduced to the different artists who briefed us on how they were able to produce the art work. We later learnt that in order to produce comic book, there are three stages: Sketching, Inking and Colouring. We were so motivated to see how they did their work with passion and skill.

In the Design department we learned about layout. The designer allowed us to sit beside him and we watched him do the designs skillfully using the computer. He also gave us software suggestions so we could practice on our own. We really enjoyed working with him!

Finally, we visited the Public Relations department where we learned that the artists also educate the Kenyan Youths through social networks. They  reach out to the community and the world via Facebook and it has been a great success! We enjoyed our visit so much and did not notice how fast time was moving. Miss Bridget gave us some comic books to share with the rest of the children at the project.

The day was such a success and we really appreciated the opportunity. It also broadened our perspective for pursuing a career in Computer Aided Graphic Design which I, John, have an elephant desire to pursue!

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