Our children experience their first Skype call with school kids in Paris

A few days ago we successfully organized our very first Skype phone call to one of our wonderful supporter’s (Isabelle Tadmoury) daughter, Zena Tadmoury’s elementary class in Paris who are coming together to organize a fundraiser for the kids of HHFL. It was a truly exciting event as we were not sure if the connection was going to be strong enough. But contact with Zena’s classmates was made and as soon as our kids heard their voices coming through the computer (wow!), they streamed into the lab – one by one – and huddled around the laptop in utter amazement and disbelief.

They shared a lot of stories and laughs. In Isabelle’s words “The kids on my end [in Paris] were all crowded around a table and they loved it. It’s so nice to build these bonds between the kids. In the end they are all so similar; they study the same subjects and want to play football! The call made the whole project come to life. It was just the “gusto” they needed to work hard on this fundraising project.”

Here is Brian’s recount of the experience in his own words:

Dear Zena,

Hope you are fine. I was happy speaking to all of you. Mama Hanne told us we were going to speak to children in Paris. Mama Hanne started connecting to the internet to link us with you. After a few minutes I heard Mama Hanne speaking I entered and I was the first one to enter in the office. Mama Hanne introduced me to you I told you that I am thirteen years old. I am in grade seven. After a few minutes many children entered to the office when they heard me talking to you. I go to school called St Nicholas. I love it so much.

Here at the project we always have activities to do such as reading story books, drawing, beading, music, computer classes, scouting and current affairs. Tell me which performances do you do and what are you taught at school?

Our Acrobatics teacher came and my favorite activity is acrobatics. Some pupils from high school are yet to close school. But the majority of the children are now at the project for April holidays.  My father was a German and my mother was a Kenyan.

We are on short holidays. I live in the project boys’ hostel. We also have hostel for girls. We have ten computers which installed by the Computers for Schools Kenya. Thank you for fundraising for us, may God bless you and your school, your family, and your friends.

Greet for me everybody in your school. It was nice seeing you in the pictures together with your classmates. I hope to hear from you soon.

From faithful,

Brian Franskine Kang’ethe.

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