The Affable Football Match!

Maxwell is one of our bright young high school students (B+ average). He describes an “affable” football match, played in August between our kids and another community team, in his own unique way, and doesn’t miss the opportunity to plead for more equipment!!!

It’s another gratifying Monday morning and I seize this golden-haired prospect to enlighten you more about an affable match between the HHFL kids and the Black Stars FC at Karen Civic.

On Saturday 21st afternoon a group of twenty three guys left for a match at Mwangaza town. We boarded a hired matatu  and arrived early at the stadium. Our games captain, Kennedy eagerly challenged us by doing physical exercises that our teacher for physical exercises had taught us. We did that perfectly and he congratulated us. Later on, the match began and the two teams played indefatigably, each irritating to defend the opponents. The HHFL team played thirstily like ravenous lions as they hunt for prey. The match continued smoothly and at last the match was over. I am sure enough that you can guess who won. To put away qualm, let me pledge to you that our team won that day. We beat Black Stars FC four goals to two. From that day the kids believed in themselves and the victory raised their self esteem high. We bid the other team goodbye and assembled back to our home.

Concerning the games department, I would like to notify you candidly that the kids don’t have footballs, a basketball and volleyballs. I would request you to deposit much interest in games when you come back.

Thank you in advance.  Hugs from the project.

Yours loving



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