Swimming Monsters!

Written by Mercy Achieng

It’s always a great moment when all the HHFL kids hear of ‘a day at the pool’. This makes them all attentive and completely prepared for action; behaving their best to qualify for the lesson. Mr. Master-the trainer (his nickname because he’s great!) is always there on time to take us through the exercise.

This holiday (August 2010), we went as the boarding group; those who are in boarding school. We got to the place before the teacher and therefore others changed into their costumes and dove into the body-chilling water. Not everyone likes the cold water, the sight of it only….gives them butterflies in their stomachs! Cidella (the youngest kid in the project) is an example. She was just placed
at the entrance of the baby pool, which is like water in a basin, the extremely shallow end and what followed was a heart-rending scream that got everyone’s attention.

The Master came and we embarked on serious business! The stroking was hard for everyone but we were assured that with time, we’ll get the whole concept. Floating is great but once you forget that you are selfless at the time, all hell will break loose! You may end up going to the deep end, somewhere we are not qualified to reach at this time. But as time goes on, we will be the Hannehowardfund-lenana swimming gurus!!

“Wow! Let me try that”. This was everyone’s saying as they saw the Master doing his thing. We went step by step and at the end of the lesson, everyone was shivering like a chameleon on a frail twig. We all said Asante and Kwaheri to the Master as we went back home in happy satisfied glowing faces.

Swimming is one thing that we now have access to and we are entirely grateful to all those making it possible for us to have this wonderful experience. Mama Hanne and Baba Ted and all the great

supporters of the fund, we appreciate you all!! Our motto in swimming is that: ‘WE LEARN TO ACHIEVE FROM THE POSITIVE STEPS WE TAKE!!’


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