Some musings

As I wander around the Project, I often take pictures. Here a few I took last week.

We have budding artists, “little Brian” and Steve pictured here, painting the side of our cook house. You have seen Brian before. He lives with Steve in our hostel. Steve and his sweet little brother, Muli, lost both of their parents to HIV/ Aids within the past 24 months. We are working hard to ensure they feel welcome and loved and part of their new family.

Silas, pictured below on the left, at the gate to our Project, is a gem! His son, Boniface, is an A average Form 1 high school student. We took Boniface into the Project this year as he wouldn’t otherwise be in school. What fine young man he is, thanks in large part to Silas’ love, care and discipline. Silas also cares for his wife at home. She is mentally challenged. Everyday Silas walks 1 ½ hours to our Project and volunteers—he mans the gate and keeps an eye on the comings and going of the kids. I love this guy and we often talk.

“Mama Brian” pictured below on the right — looked so beautiful in the late afternoon sunlight. She is an HIV+ widow. She regularly helps with the kitchen and washing when she is feeling up to it. Her 3 sons, “Big Brian”, Christopher and Farris are all in the Project and are becoming fine responsible young men.

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