Safari to Ol Pejeta Conservancy

Safari to Ol Pejeta Conservancy

Written by Nasuru, Grade 7

Hi everyone! I would like to share with you about the fun trip we had to Ol Pejeta. Teacher Isaiah told us that a really nice couple who visited us at the project, Mr and Mrs Levit, paid for all of us to go! All I can say is wow!

We started out our journey very early in the morning. It was a long journey. We first arrived at Thika Super Highway. It was very big with so many vehicles.

We then continued with our journey. The second stop was near Aberder Ranges in a craft shop. In the craft shop, we saw some of the most beautiful crafts from Kenya.  I could have never seen those crafts if it was not for the trip.

After going round the craft shop, we continued with the journey. We were not so far from the park so I had to be alert because I was so eager to see Mt. Kenya. Unfortunately I did not see it! I was so sad that my friend made jokes on me. But I saw the big mountain again when we were having lunch in the park.

After 5 good hours in the bus, we were at Ol Pejeta. At the gate, there were so many decorations. We had to stop to be counted and also to pay the park fees. At a distance, we saw zebras.  On the way, we saw big the three –  elephant, rhino and buffalo! The driver told us that the lion and leopard can only be seen in the morning hours. I was so sad because I wanted to take photos of a lion but I did not lose my hope.

We had reached the place that we were going to take our food. The food was cooked by  some of us and it was as sweet as honey. After we ate our food, we went to see Baraka the blind rhino. He could not see. This is because he was fighting with another rhino and got hurt in one eye but before the rangers knew it, Baraka was blind.

After that, we went to see some chimpanzees. Some of the chimpanzees are Max, Poko and Lulu. Max did not want Poko to dance so he threw stones at us. We had to go down so that the stone does not hit us. Poko was one of my best animals. I wished I have stayed in the park forever because it was so much fun. I’ve never seen animals like that.

I wanted to touch the equator but I did not touch it.  I thought that it had gone for a lunch break. But we took picture at the Equator.

Thank you Mr and Mrs Levit for making this trip possible for us. I can’t believe how kind they are. They don’t even know me very much and they made this trip for us. It was the best day of my life.

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