New hostel brings excitement!

When I visited Lenana in January, I went specifically to see what Hanne and Ted meant by ‘Hostel’…I was curious to see where the orphans return to during their school holidays? I had heard that ‘home’ was Mother Mary’s hostel on other side of the slum. But I wondered about the conditions…

Well, this picture says it all. I was very saddened to see a crampy, damp and dark place where single cots have to be shared, and the kids sleep on worn out mattresses and musty blankets.

And so what great luck was brought upon us when space within our perimeters came available to create a brand new Hostel!! While I was visiting, Hanne and I ordered new iron beds, mattresses, blankets, pink sheets for the girls and blue for the boys! We even planned a walk-in closet of sorts to put their few personal belongings. Hane put art on the walls, had pillows made of Maasai blankets and bought a few chairs for the kids to sit around and chat in a common area – a must for our growing adolescents. I thought to myself, what an incredible lifestyle change this is going to be for these young kids! And now Mama Mary, who is running the hostel, can officially call herself ‘Innkeeper’!

Unfortunately, my visit ended before the children returned to the project compound for their holidays. Oh, how I wish to have been there to see their faces when they arrived. I cannot wait to go back next year and see the bright, proud faces. Congratulations on the great work, Hanne and Ted!

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