Letter from Mary Wairimu, HHFL Media Science Undergraduate

Letter from Mary Wairimu, HHFL Media Science Undergraduate

My name is Mary Wairimu Wasike, a beneficiary at the Hanne Howard Fund(HHFL). I owe it to you donors that now I am in my fourth year pursuing a course in journalism and media studies. Well, I am pretty much in love with the course and I am excited to make it my career. Pursuing Journalism is really a dream come true to me and I am exhilarated with every learning experience.

At school I have done a couple of projects including news broadcasting. I recently did a feature story, which I aired on YouTube. It showcased how students form clubs/small unions that do good for the community. ‘Charity begins at home’ is how I titled the project. I am grateful that I have a chance to grow in dream career.

The Youtube video is here:


This course has also enabled me to expand my horizons on my writing. Mid 2020, I created a blog:


Here I share my articles to the world. It started off as a hobby but now I am glad that I earn from it. With every article I post, I get some money. I use these funds to pay some of my expenses. Writing just excites me. I am currently working on writing a science fiction novel. When I finish, I will surely share with you all.

 I am also involved in a small business where I retail ‘Kenchic’ sausage products in bulk to a couple of shops near the school. This job keeps me busy when am not having classes. It also helps with my interpersonal and business smart skills. The funds I get from the business are also very helpful with some of the daily expenses and I get to help my mother where I can.

At Moi University, the four-year course I am taking is so far so good and here are some of my achievements:

  • I have successfully hosted a radio show at MU FM in early 2020.
  • My Magazine design was tagged as the best in a recent design challenge at School.

With all these I can feel my hands gripping tight on my journalism career. I really appreciate all your support and I will update you from time to time. May you stay safe and blessed. Happy Holidays

Regards, Mary Wairimu.

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